Poker Glossary


World Series Of Poker

The World Series Of Poker (WSOP) is the biggest, oldest and most prestigious series of poker tournaments.  Held annually in Las Vegas, the tournament series has grown from a small invitational event in 1970 with just 6 players, to a massive event which now draws thousands of players each year, and is televised worldwide. The […]

Nut Flush

The nut flush is the best possible flush available.  Typically it will be an ace high flush so long as a straight flush is not possible, but if the ace is on the board then the nut flush is held by the player whose flush includes the highest ranking suited card not on the board.  […]

Full House

A full house, sometimes called a full boat, is a strong poker hand consisting of three of a kind, and a pair.  For example, three queens and two eights (as pictureed below) which can also be referred to as queens full of eights, or simply queens full. If two players show down a full house, […]

ABC Poker

ABC poker is a term used to describe a stright forward playing style, based on standard theory, without any “fancy plays” or complicated moves. “ABC poker” is the suggested playing style for beginners, learning the game, and playing at the lowest stakes tables.  Most of the “standard” poker books teach this style of play. ABC […]

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