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Casino Poker – An Alternative To Texas Hold’em?

Most poker fans would agree that Texas Hold’em is the King of poker games. There are Omaha fans and players who like to dabble in other varieties of poker, but on the whole, the consensus is in favour of Hold’em as the leader of the pack in poker.

But what about playing different kinds of poker at online casinos? Casino poker has been snubbed by real poker fans due to the fact that players normally like to play against other players rather than just the house. This is the point of Texas Hold’em surely? But there are other ways to enjoy poker as an alternative to your usual Hold’em games, or at least alongside them.

Online casino poker can be enjoyed in the Hold’em style by selecting the Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker game to play. This is the casino poker game that most resembles the biggest poker game in the world. Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker combines the classic Hold’em style with the fast pace of casino table games.

Texas Holdem Bonus Poker allows players to bet on their hole cards, after the flop and after the turn but not after the river. Players must place their ante bet to receive their hole cards; if they wish to continue, they must then bet twice the ante to make their flop bet. After the turn card, players can bet the ante amount again. After the river card is dealt, the players’ hands are then compared with the dealer’s. Winning players receive even money on their bets, with the ante bet gets paid only if the player gets at least a straight.

Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker, is not the only poker available at online casinos however, you can also choose from 3 Card Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, Let it Ride Poker and Pai Gow Poker and many others. Caribbean Stud is always a hugely popular option. With five cards, like in Hold’em, players play against the dealer to get the best hand. The dealer only qualifies to play if he holds A-K or better, so players can be in the money straight away if the dealer doesn’t qualify! This is the same situation in 3 Card Poker where the dealer needs a Queen or better to qualify. In Caribbean Stud Poker there is also usually a progressive jackpot option available to play which can really boost the excitement value of Caribbean Stud.

Texas Hold’em poker fans may always be tied to their favourite poker game as the true King of poker, but there is nothing to stop poker players experimenting with other varieties to add a bit of spice to their playing. Online casino poker can bring some light entertainment value to the world of more serious player-on-player poker which is Hold’em.

So for something new, give casino poker a try, whether that is Texas Holdem Bonus Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, 3 Card Poker or any of the other varieties on offer at online casinos. Even if you don’t want to play these types of poker as alternatives forever, it is always fun to mix up your poker playing – that way you can keep your mind fresh and stimulated leaving you to enjoy your Hold’em playing even more

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