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Poker tells top 10 with Mike Caro

Mike Caro’s top 10 poker tells


Mike Caro, author of Caro’s Book Of Poker Tells, is one of the world’s leading authority on poker tells.  In this superb video Mike explains 10 of the most important bluffs, how to spot them, what they mean and how to put that knowledge to good use in your own game.

Knowing what to look for, how to spot tells and read the other players gives you a huge advantage over the other players in the game.

This is a fantastic video, and I strongly recommend that you watch it several times – study it, learn from it, and start looking for these tells when you’re playing.

Here are the top 10 tells Mike Caro explains in this video:

  1. Messy stack of chips = loose player.  Tidy stack of chips = tight player
  2. Messy bet of chips, tiedied up afterwards usually means a bluff
  3. How players buy chips – can give a good clue to whether they are tight or loose players
  4. “Pokerclack” – little giveaway noise which usually means a STRONG hand
  5. Staring at the flop = WEAK hand
  6. Glance at chips after flop = STRONG hand
  7. Checking hold cards after the flop usually means checking for suited cards
  8. People act opposite of reality – if they indicate sadness it usually means a STRONG hand
  9. Acting nervous when betting – usually accompanies a STRONG hand
  10. Reach for your chips when your opponent is betting – if they are bluffing they will hesitate!

If you like the video (I’m sure you will) then you really should get Mike’s book, it’s by far the best material on poker tells I’ve ever come across.  Of course, just watching this video or reading the book won’t instantly make you great at reading poker players, that will take lots of practice and experience, but you’ll be surprised how quickly you do start to spot many of these tells, especially against weak opponents!

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