Progressive slots will dominate gambling in 2014

With the euro millions lottery now engulfing half the country as punters seek the ultimate reward, the internet has its own gambling master. The progressive slot is one of online casinos most anticipated games which attracts almost 59% of players to its reels without effort. They come for the money, to spin for prize pools worth millions and with 20 pence credits that could change lives in just seconds. 2014 is the dawn of the progressive, the time of the big slot has come.

More and more casino members are now playing at the highest level of wagering, by this we mean high variance slots which don’t necessarily pay out in drips, but in waterfalls. There are many video slots on the market which boast hundreds of tiny features along with bonus rounds that throw back a few quid for your small investment, but people want big. Progressives may lack the continuous ride of winning and losing that keeps players wagering for longer, but instead the possible fortune makes up for any shortcomings. This is why last year the number of progressive slots began booming throughout the games industry.

Software companies like Playtech, Microgaming and IGT are now onboard one of the biggest development phases in the history of the slots market. The progressive slot war machine is moving and will gather pace in the coming weeks and months. This should tell players to be looking towards big jackpot slots for the best value for money and bonuses. In 2014 these games will dominate the playing field, which means any associated deals will too.

Adult gaming comparison hubs like are now mining the web 24/7 for valuable and progressive slot promotions happening in 2014. Team Covert which monitors cyberspace for breaking news from the casino industry has recently launched a campaign to track some of the largest jackpots ever found on the web. Operation Goldspin.

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