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Rush Poker From Full Tilt

There’s a new game in town – it’s called Rush Poker.  Yesterday, Full Tilt Poker announced their brand new and exiting poker game format, Rush Poker.  The concept is an extremely fast paced game, which is exclusive to Full Tilt.

What is Rush Poker?

Rush Poker is a new game format which minimizes the time a player  waits between hands, and keeps players in the action at all times.  Each game starts with a large number of players, and players are automatically moved to a new table after every hand.  In fact, as soon as a player folds a hand they are “rushed” off to a new seat.

If that wasn’t fast enough, there’s even a “quick fold” button which allows a player to fold and move to a new table before the action even reaches them!

Of course this new format is only possible because of the Internet – you simply couldn’t do this at a live event, but it is new, exciting, and is a ton of fun to play.

What the poker pros are saying…

Howard Lederer, two time WSOP bracelet winner, says “Rush Poker is a great way to learn the game of poker” and of course he’s right, because a player can get so many more hands in per hour rather than waiting for the action.

Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson has called it, “the greatest innovation since poker started on the Internet”, and Gus Hanson says, “Lots of hands, lots of action; I’m going to be playing a lot of Rush Poker!”

Play Online PokerOf course any new format brings with it new challenges, and new opportunity.  A players ability to read an opponent in this game is hugely diminished, but on the flip side the ability to correctly asses the strength of a hand and make analytical decisions based on probability is increased.

One thing’s for sure, with Rush Poker’s ability to allow a player to see so many hands per hour, it could be a grinder’s paradise.

Gamblers and recreational players will love it because it’s fast paced and run, and pros will love it as they can play more hands per hour, and potentially make a lot more money! It’s certainly going to take different strategies to other formats, but once those tactics are learned I’m sure many people will find it both fun and profitable!

Check out Rush Poker now.  Go play the game at Full Tilt Poker, and use our exclusive promotional code: BCPFULLTILT to get a 100% bonus on your first deposit up to $600, or simply click here or the image on the left to be taken to Full Tilt and have the bonus code applied automatically.

Introduction video to the Rush Poker format

At the moment Rush Poker is only offered in micro-stakes ($0.05/$0.10 to $0.50/$1.00) no limit holdem at the moment, with both 9 and 6 seated tables, but I’m sure other formats will be rolled out over the coming weeks.

Rush Poker Strategy

Well the Rush Poker format is brand new so there is a lot of debate at the moment about effective strategy.  So far I’ve been quite profitable every time I’ve played it, but I certainly need a little longer to really get a good handle on the game.  Here are a few pointers though, to make sure you’re getting the most of of the new format:

  • No reads!  When you’re beging “rushed” around to different tables it’s virtually impossible to read your opponents and tell what type of players they are.  That of course goes both ways, and your opponents will struggle to get a read on you.
  • Play the cards, not the players.  This goes against all traditional poker strategies, but in this high speed game you really need to make your decisions based more on the cards than your opponents.
  • No rags.  Your opponents will be folding rag hands, so you should only be playing premium hands yourself.
  • Don’t limp in.  Never limp in to a pot.  Since it’s so easy to fold, most people will fold to a bet with anything other than a strong starting hand.  Don’t give the big blind the opportunity to see the flop for free, otherwise you’ll have no idea what they hold – make a raise, and you’ll be fairly sure of what range of cards most of your opponents will be holding.
  • Small pocket pairs!  These are goldmines in rush poker.  Everyone will assume you have high cards if you raise pre-flop, so when you do hit trips you’ll win a big pot!

Got some other strategies for this new format?   Then leave a comment or drop me an email and I’ll add them to the site!

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    HUDs work for Rush Poker now, so the lack of reads isn’t really true anymore.

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