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Ways to Bingo

When playing the online game of 75 ball bingo, there are many different ways in which players can obtain a bingo. This is much more than any other bingo variation. Of course, traditional ways of getting a bingo would include vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines. However, there are even more ways to bet a bingo which keeps this online bingo game quite interesting.

One way in which a bingo may be obtained is if the pattern known as 4 corners is used. This would mean that in order to obtain a bingo, each number in the corners of the bingo card must be called. A postage stamp is another possible pattern. A postage stamp would mean filling the four squares located in the corner of each bingo card. Another way that a player can obtain a bingo is to get what is known as a picture frame. A picture frame consists of all of the outer spaces. When these spaces are covered in their entirety, they resemble a picture frame.

Another way in which to obtain a bingo online is to make a diamonds pattern. There are actually two diamond patterns on the bingo card. This would be a small diamond and a large diamond. Blackout is another popular pattern for obtaining a bingo in 75 ball bingo. Some may refer to it as coverall. What this means is that in order to win the bingo game, a player much simply cover all 25 spaces on the bingo card.

Many bingo games online may revolve around a particular theme. Sometimes, certain spaces on the card can be used to create something symbolic that pertains to the theme. For instance, say the theme has to do something with winter. A picture of a related item such as a snowflake may be formed by completing specified spaces.

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