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Welcome to the video vault. Here you’ll find some of the best poker videos from YouTube and other sites bringing you poker tutorials, interviews, reviews, and footage from the top poker tournaments including the WSOP, WPT, EPT and shows like Late Night Poker and High Stakes Poker.

Featured Videos

Poker tells top 10 with Mike CaroMike Caro’s Top 10 Poker Tells

Mike Caro, author of Caro’s Book Of Poker Tells, is one of the world’s leading authority on poker tells. In this superb video Mike explains 10 of the most important bluffs, how to spot them, what they mean and how to put that knowledge to good use in your own game.
HUGE Laydown WSOPMassive Laydown at the WSOP

I’m really not sure how many players could have done this. With 3 players in the hand, all with pocket pairs, the flop gives Greg Geller trip kings, while Roberto Romanello hits trip jacks. The third player, Mike Matusow, folds his pocket 9s…
Dan Negreanu Small Ball PokerSmall Ball Poker with Dan Negreanu

Small ball is a term coined by Dan Negreanu for his style of loose/aggressive play. These three videos give a good introduction to the “system” but beware, this is not a good way to play for a beginner.
Bat Beat Full HouseBad Beat – Full House s Full House

I guess we all have our favorite bad beat stories we like to tell, but few can compare to this. It was the very first hand in the 2005 WSOP $10,000 main event and an incredible bad beat.

Poker Video Tutorials and Interviews

Poker Tournament Footage

Poker Advice from Phil Hellmuth

Finding Fish an Online Poker Tables

Mike Caro’s Top 10 Poker Tells

Counting outs and calculating odds

Dan Negreanu on Bluffing

How Position Affects Your Play

Small ball – 3 video series with Daniel Negreanu

Rush Poker Introduction

Top Tips for Heads Up Poker

Exploiting Your Table Image

Introduction to 7 Card Stud Poker

Doyle Brunson Interview

Interview with Phil Laak

Learn From The Pros – Bluffing

Learn From The Pros – When To Quit

Interview with Phil Ivey

Review of Jonathan Little’s “Poker Secrets” course

Interview with Gus Hansen

Interview with Johnny Chan

Massive $575,000 Pot

Huge Laydown at the 2008 WSOP

Bad Beat Full House vs Full House

Phil Hellmuth nice laydown

Superb Stone Cold Bluff With 7 2 Offsuit

Amazing WSOP bluff from Chris Moneymaker

Pocket AA vs KK vs AA at the WSOP

Royal Flush in the WSOP 2007 Main Event

Awesome $100,000 Bluff from Scotty Nguyen

Chris Ferguson Outdraws Phil Hellmuth Heads Up

High Stakes Poker – Farha vs Antonius $1 Million Pot

Gus Hansen Crazy Plays in Poker Superstars 3

Other Poker Videos

Top 10 Trash Talks and Bratty Plays

How Studying Online Poker Videos on YouTube Can Improve Your Game

Books are great. We all know that there are some awesome poker books out there, from Super System to Harrington, from Bad Beats and Lucky Draws to Caro’s Book of Tells, but books will only teach you so much. Sure you can learn starting hands, and strategy, and odds and outs, and the theory of tells – but only by watching the great players can you see all that in action.

Second only to actually playing in my opinion, is the experience you gain from studying online poker video footage on sites like YouTube. The more you watch these videos, listen to the commenary, and study the betting patterns, body language, and reactions of the players the better you’ll get. So do yourself a favour, watch the videos posted here – in fact don’t just watch them, study them, and when you’ve studied all of them head over to YouTube and find some more and study those… I guarantee it will help your game!

But of course it’s not only YouTube videos you should be watching if you’re serious about improving your game. If you really want to take your game seriously then the best investment you can possibly make would be with a training site such as Oustanding Poker.  Their videos, podcasts and articles are some of the best you can find, and no matter what style of poker you play they will help to elevate your game to the next level.

The World Poker Tour DVDs are very good (series 2 being the best in my opinion) and are packed with footage and great commentary. The World Series of Poker DVDs are also excellent, but while they are very entertaining they are of little use for studying.   They tend to only show a snapshot of the hands played, and give a skewed view of the game… much better to learn through a proper training site.  And of course there is excellent coverage on shows like Late Night Poker and High Stakes Poker – I really suggest recording them, and studying the plays if you want to improve your own game (plus they are a ton of fun to watch anyway!)

As online poker involves playing against other players – and not against the house – these poker videos can really help you understand the game. However, if you’re learning to play in an online casino, the I recommend you check out Jackpot’s casino games section, which feature a ton of useful information on games ranging from slots to blackjack.

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